Thanksgiving with families


Meghann and her fam enjoying a wonderful day together


A thank you card signed by Miss Cheri’s family : )


Beautiful & Bright table setting


A scratch made Thanksgiving spread


A golden Thomas Keller turkey

I had the great pleasure of cooking for two Turkey days this year. We realized it doesn’t matter if its a day early, it still feels like Thanksgiving when turkey aromas are in the air and the family is together. This was the first time in 40 years Cheri did not do the cooking, which made for a little bit of pressure for me : ) But I saw that this paid off when she spent the whole day without a care and spending precious time with her family. Special request mac and cheese was on the menu and the pumpkin creme brulee was a big hit! The granddaughters made me a card in which everyone signed, it is hanging on my calendar board in my office : ) . I felt right at home with Meghann’s family with half the family hitting the slopes and the other half feeling cozy and playing dominoes. I live far away from my family so when Meghann invited me to sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving with her family I was very Thankful : ) ! I have to admit , it was one of the best in years given the past 4 years thanksgiving has been spent grabbing a bite when I could while slaving away in a restaurant kitchen. Yeah, this was way better 🙂

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