Feel free to choose from older menus as well :).  Most dishes can be modified for allergies/dietary restrictions, we can help to make sure we put together a menu that works for everyone in your group. Not sure where to start? There is an ordering guide at the bottom of this page, and I am happy to help with suggestions too! Please pick for the whole group (same entrée, etc), since we cook everything from scratch on site : )

We can also create a homestyle menu based on the cuisine of your choosing i.e. taco bar etc. . These are nice options to have when booking multiple nights.


Summer 2023  

GF- gluten free upon request

VEG- Vegetarian, V- Vegan avail.

PESC- Pescatarian, DF- Dairy Free



Chef’s favorite meats, cheese, and seasonal fruit and crackers GF

Nachos, ground elk, ‘dilla cheese, pico, poblano cream GF

Lobster bruschetta with herbed creme fraiche and caramelized leeks PESC, GF upon req

Bang Bang cauliflower lettuce wraps V, GF

Summer squash & goat cheese fritters with fresh herb aioli Veg

  • Past menu hummus duos available as well




Summer salad with apricot, pecan, blackberries, and greens in a peach ginger vinaigrette* GF, VEG, V

Arugula, cheddar cornmeal patty, watermelon, tomato, crumbled feta, basil brown butter honey vin Veg, GF

Grilled romaine, garlic buttermilk caesar, grated romano, homemade croutons, fried lemon Veg

*we will sub peach or orange in place of apricot when not available 


Apple, carrot, sweet potato puree  V, VEG, GF

Chilled mango habanero gazpacho, cilantro mint gremolata, avocado pico VEG, GF, V

Red pepper coconut curry V, GF





Veggie protein add-ons for mains: Cauliflower steak (GF), quinoa cake (GF), beer battered eggplant, Pan toasted tofu



Salmon and sour cream and caper boursin baked in filo, charred asparagus, purple potato, red pepper beurre blanc PESC

Blackened trout with Alabama white sauce, dirty rice, and kale slaw GF, PESC

Ginger Panko scallops, roasted carrot, sesame salt, green onion fried rice, sweet orange soy GF, PESC, DF



Tenderloin, asparagus, mashed potato, caramelized onion and garlic cream sauce GF

Grilled harissa ribeye, almond cous cous, grilled halloumi watermelon skewers, mint chermoula

Marinated flank steak, loaded arepas, tomatillo jam, charred corn salad, citrus cream GF


Pork and poultry

Grilled chicken, herbed risotto, arugula and roasted corn salad GF

Burmese kebat chicken, tomato butter, basmati, roasted carrot, quick pickles GF

Pork loin, sweet potato gnocchi hash, sautéed green beans, sage dijon cream

Duck breast, johnny cakes, garlic shallot chard, blackberry bbq sauce DF, GF



S’mores molten lava cake and icecream

Vanilla crepes, brandy blueberries, nutmeg creme anglaise

Cafe Cubano creme brulee GF

Spiced berry crumble* -Vegan/GF/DF upon request

Hazelnut cream cheesecake, milano cookie crust


*all desserts are served as individual portions (and we can add a bday candle as well!)


Kiddo Menu

Spaghetti with meat sauce

Hand made pizzas

Chicken tenders and mac and cheese

  • We can also simplify an adult meal to make it more kid friendly


Standard Menu disclaimer : ) – Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. (Especially if you have pre existing medical conditions).


Helpful Menu Guidelines:

All Entrée proteins are able to be swapped out individually for vegetarians/ non meat eaters etc.

Plated Dinners

– All dishes plated and coursed unless noted, appetizers are always set out family style

Up to 8 people

1-2 Appetizers

Soup or salad

One Entrée or Duo Plate


9-16 people:

2-3 Appetizers

Soup or salad

One Entrée or Duo Plate


17-30 people:

– All dishes besides appetizers will be plated (if enough place settings/space)

2 Appetizers + optional meats/cheese platter

Soup or Salad

One Entrée or Duo Plate

1 Dessert

Buffet Dinners

– Family style apps, salad/entrée buffet setup, plated desserts.

One chef can usually handle a buffet of up to 25 people with the given guidelines.

13 –  40 people

2 Appetizers

Soup or Salad

2 Entrees, 3 sides chosen from those 2 entrees

1 dessert

or a combination similar to this works too!

1 Appetizer + meats/cheese platter

Soup or Salad

2 Entrees, 3 sides chosen from those 2 entrees

2 desserts

These are guidelines for more traditional meal setups. If you are having more of a homestyle style menu, it will by default be more of a family style/buffet setup. Once in a while we will also do dinner that consists of an appetizer spread rather than a coursed dinner if that is your preference,