Korean BBQ <3 Bulgogi

bbq ingredients

Korean BBQ seems to be all the rage these days with pre-made marinades and different plays on flavors. I like to stick to the basics, there are enough additives to our food already and it is surprisingly easy to do it from scratch as you can see from the ingredients pictured above.

You can search around for any recipe, they are all pretty similar, although look for one with coca cola if you can, this is how I’ve seen it made at a Korean gathering and it was delicious.

korean marinade

This is the mixture before I added it to the beef. I used a fork to try to get the mixture blended as consistent as possible before adding it to my beef. Always refrigerate your food while marinating so it doesn’t fall into the temperature danger zone. I covered my beef and put it in the fridge for an hour (which is the minimum suggested marinating time for this recipe) but I kept shaking it around because I’m impatient. I also started my rice so it will be nice in fluffy in time for eating.

After an hour this is what it looked like, completely different color right?

beef marinade

So from here you would ideally grill it but if you cant, sauteed in a small amount of oil is perfect. There is sesame oil in the marinade but I always add additional blended or canola oil because it has a higher smoke point. Strain some or all of the garlic, I learned the hard way because my beef came out VERY garlicy, this isn’t an issue if you are grilling.

Enjoy over rice 🙂 Please disregard the messy bowl, I was starving and barely able to restrain myself long enough take the picture before digging in.


As for the foil in the background? That’s for the next post : )


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