Flexibility is key for us!

Since we don’t want to lock you into a rigid meal package we use an hourly pricing setup. Essentially you can plan for your dinner to come to an average of $85-95 per person (including gratuity) on groups of 8 or more people! (breakfast and lunches tend to be a little less). Smaller group sizes than 8 tend to have a higher average with groups of 4 coming to around $125 per person and then a little higher for anything less than that. Also! If you love math, or just love specifics, the labor rates and an example of how the total is calculate is below.

Serving Help:  I usually with automatically send a server for groups of 12 people or more if the dinner is plated. If you have a smaller sized group and would like to include serving help just let me know. The labor for the server is $27.50 per hour and they help the chef with prep as well.

Deposit: I take an upfront deposit for the date. It is non-refundable and is deducted from your bill. For regular dinners it is $75 per day, and for weddings it is $100. I send an invoice request through Square so your payment is secure.

Payment terms: I will send an email bill after the meal so that we have the actual grocery bill and labor hours in hand. Once I send the invoice, payment is due within 3 days. using your preferred payment method. I know that some people are traveling so I give a little leeway : ) After the 3 days, if payment is not yet made, we will just charge the card we have on file.

We accept all major credit cards (3.5% processing added), venmo and cash app, check, and the green stuff (the paper version!)


Labor rates

1-4 pp: $58/hr

5-8 pp: $68/hr

9-12 pp: $88/hr

Group sizes below include a chef + server:

13-16 pp: $125.50/hr (extra help for this group size may be optional depending on menu)

17-20 pp: $135.50/hr

21-24 pp: $145.50/hr

Group sizes below include 2 chefs:

25-28 pp: $165.50/hr

29-32 pp: $175.50/hr

33-36 pp: $185.50/hr

37-40 pp $195.50/hr


How it is calculated:

(Number of labor hours x your headcount rate) + groceries + gratuity (20%) = Total bill 

Here’s an example of an average 8 person dinner:

Labor : 4.5 hours x $68/hr  = $306

Groceries: $265

Subtotal = $531

Tip (20%) :  $106.20

Total: $685

That comes to $85.65 per person if I divide the total by 8 people.