How it works

A little overview about how my services work:

I shop and choose the freshest produce and proteins and bring them into your kitchen to create your meal. Everything is prepped right in front of you and the group which makes quite an entertaining experience : ) I love making as much from scratch as it makes sense too- which is most of it : ) salad dressings, flatbreads, sauces, all especially prepared for you. Once I’ve cooked and served everyone I clean up the counters and equipment and leave the dishwasher running full of plates.

If your headcount changes at the last minute, not to worry! Just give me a heads up the morning of at the latest so I can adjust the groceries I purchase, and your labor rate if it applies.

I have found that most of the rentals are very well stocked with pans as well as flatwear/glasswear/silverware! they do a pretty good job around here, so unless the group is a pretty large size there is no reason to worry : ) If you do have a larger party I can refer you to a local place that has a large inventory of plates and serviceware.

I love to chit chat when I’m cooking, some chefs don’t want to be bothered, but I love it! Ask me about the food I’m making, or tell me how your vacation is going. If you want a recipe? Its yours. I am here to give your night a little something special.

Some extra smart clients have requested me to leave behind breakfast for the next morning. Let me know ahead of time and I will whip up some tasty breakfast burritos  or a casserole all wrapped up and ready to pop in the oven.

Have questions or ready to get started? See pricing or click here to send me an inquiry!


Additional helpful FAQS:

Where is the food prepared?

To stay within health codes I prepare food right in your kitchen, but doing so also ensures I can give you the freshest product possible. Any size kitchen will work as long as you have a functioning stove and space in the fridge.

What if the house doesn’t have a lot of cookware?

I’ve cooked in a ton of houses and have an idea of what is usually available so I bring along whatever cookware and tools I think I will need. Some houses have less plates/pans than others but I’ve always made it work.

Where does my food come from?

I will pick out the freshest produce and meats from the local grocery store. If you prefer organic foods, let me know, the local store has a large selection of organic meats, produce and products.

Do I have to be home for you to cook for us ?

I don’t want you to feel like you have to rush off the slopes or away from the hiking trail to let me in. Most of the houses have garage codes so I can get started and you can come home to yummy aromas in the kitchen.

How does payment work?

For regular events, I ask for a $75 deposit, and $100 for weddings. The rest is collected the day of service after I have cleaned up. I have a square credit card swiper so all credit cards are accepted as well as cash, check, venmo, zelle and cash app.

The deposit is non-refundable, but I know life is unexpected! If booking does not result in loss of business, I can re-book an existing reservation to another available date for a $30 fee.

I don’t live in the listed service areas, can I use you service?

While I would love to be able to cook for everyone, the service area protects myself and the client from unforeseen weather and traffic impacts 🙂

What about the booze?

Having a personal chef definitely saves you money in that department because there is no crazy up charge like you’d find going out. You provide your own alcohol or if you tell me in advance, I’ll grab your preferred beverages while shopping.

What happens if you cancel?

In the past years of being a personal chef it’s been very rare that I’ve had to cancel due to becoming ill (luckily!). If it does happen I will let you know in enough time to make other dinner accommodations or find another solution to get you and the gang fed- based on whatever you would like to do! Also, I have a few friends in the business and will put you in touch with another chef that can usually help out, even if it is for the following night! It is important to give myself time so I can recover quickly, while not passing germs to my clients : ) Your deposit will be returned promptly.