Covid info!

Regarding Covid-19, Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well through this uncertain time.

We are currently in level red, one level away from a shutdown. Please book responsibly and avoid combining different groups or families. Help me do my job to keep everyone safe while serving you! Please check town ordinaces so you know what to expect.

Level Red – I am wearing a mask at all times, and may block off the kitchen for safety but can grab anything you need.

Level Orange – I am wearing a mask and plating dinners for groups of 8 and under. Larger groups will have buffet or plated for the group to bring to the table.

Yellow and below- Plated dinners for larger groups with serving help.

Also If you have a dinner planned and we experience a shut down again, I will your deposit towards your next booking, or you may transfer it to a friend and I will honor that as well.  I look forward to cooking for you all soon! Stay safe and healthy!