It’s Friday-night life in Breck. What to do, from a local.

So this article will probably be a little biased but it’s because I am hoping the kinda places I like to go to might just be the type you like to go to :). On the contrary, I also have a list of places I definitely do not recommend going to and although I’d looooove […]

A day in the life

I decided to write a somewhat in-depth article about what to expect when you hire a personal chef to cook a meal for you. I can’t say that this is how all chefs operate, but this is how I do it.   The night before I pull out my recipes and make a shopping list […]

Happy Cookin!

The past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of cooking for a very cool family visiting Keystone. A mix of folks from Belgium, England, Florida, and my very own Houston, Texas makes my job extra exciting and blessed. I just wanted to give them a shout-out for making my time with them so memorable. 🙂

Korean BBQ <3 Bulgogi

Korean BBQ seems to be all the rage these days with pre-made marinades and different plays on flavors. I like to stick to the basics, there are enough additives to our food already and it is surprisingly easy to do it from scratch as you can see from the ingredients pictured above. You can search […]

I love Spaetzle

Above: Spaetzle sauteed with roasted garlic and wilted spinach I love to have a good German night with bier and part of that is because its pretty easy cookin. Spaetzle is the easiest kind of pasta I’ve ever made: mix a batter, push it through a colander into boiling water, cool it and you have […]