Elopement Locations in Breckenridge

Emmy, a local Colorado photographer from “Celebrate Again” has written an awesome article about different beautiful locations here in Breckenridge to help you choose where to have your special ceremony. She has also been kind enough to mention me in the article as well!    

suggested course

Suggested course options for your group Up to 8 people: 1-2 Appetizers Soup and/or salad Entree + any vegetarian option as needed Dessert 8-12 people 2-3 Appetizers Soup and Salad Entree + any vegetarian option as needed Dessert 12-20 people 2-3 Appetizers Soup and Salad or 2 Salads 2 Entrees 2 Desserts 20 + Same […]

Thanksgiving with families

I had the great pleasure of cooking for two Turkey days this year. We realized it doesn’t matter if its a day early, it still feels like Thanksgiving when turkey aromas are in the air and the family is together. This was the first time in 40 years Cheri did not do the cooking, which […]

Beautiful weddings in Breckenridge

  A lot of smarties opt to come up to Breck and exchange vows in one of the many beautiful mansions located here. While I don’t have pictures of all of them, I was very fortunate to cook for three weddings and one wedding themed murder mystery. Nothing is better than having a private reception […]

An easier way to get to my website!

I got a hold of a few more URLs. I know the Happy Cuisiniere is a cute name, but I realize it can be hard to type in and remember! From now on here are two simplified versions that will take you to my website! www.breckchef.com www.personalchefbreckenridge.com

How do I make my menus? Links to favorite food sites.

I love seasonal menus. It just doesn’t feel right to make summer food in the winter. In the winter we need cozy, in the summer we need cool and fresh- that’s how I believe food should be. When I’m making a new menu, I take ideas from 3 main areas: I look and see what […]

What is my favorite thing/dish to cook?

This is probably the most asked question I get as a personal chef, and I usually end up giving a not so great answer. This is probably due to the fact I’m not really picky about what I am making. I think after working on the line in a restaurant making the same 8 or […]

Never know what I’ll get myself into

While working on the line in restaurants was exciting and challenging, being a personal chef in Breckenridge has taken exciting to another level. While I could goof off with the guys, I never got to actually interact with customers being behind the scenes, and that is one of the reasons to become a personal chef- […]

Leftovers revamped

Not too long ago I cooked for an awesome group of guys from Philly – about 20 or them that have known each other for decades. Not many groups of friends can pull that off but they came together in Breck for a bachelor’s party weekend. My job was to come in and prep , […]

Cooking for the experts

Cooking for a fellow expert can be a little nerve wrecking sometimes but in most cases I’m happy to be in the company of someone that can talk the kitchen talk. A few months ago I had the opportunity to do so when Kevin and his wife, the owners of Amelia farm in Beaumont TX […]