Located in
Breckenridge, CO 80424

Hours of Operation

9:30 am-9pm everyday
Hours are in MST

Hi, I am Chef Jenny Levasseur, it’s nice to meet you.

I always knew i wanted to be a chef, I spent hours playing with my kitchen set making all kinds of food. When I was little, before the Food Network was around, I would watch a show called Great Chefs, Great Cities, and marvel at the amazing food these chefs created. What amazed me more was how they could memorize and cook all the orders that came in, and how fun the noise and heat of the kitchen could be.

I attended University of Houston and graduated with a Bachelors in Marketing, and also Management and decided to pursue my passion of cooking. Excitedly I chose Houston Community and began my pastry program led by the extremely talented Chef Eddy Van Damme, who actually wrote the pastry book we used, and my goto “On Baking”. Once I felt secure in the kitchen I pursued an education on intimidating and loud culinary side with some extremely gifted teachers.

When worked in kitchens during culinary school trying to absorb as much as I could about everything food related. This led me to cook in the most original, challenging, and exciting kitchens I could find. From fresh farm to table, to contemporary asian influenced, pure Rocky mountain cuisine to a restaurant that did a play on every cuisine imaginable. Cooking is exciting and creative and meant to be shared to the fullest!

After working in all these great restaurants I decided it’s time to venture out and become a personal chef to create a personal experience for every one of you. Living in Breckenridge since 2011 has been spectacular and I want to share my passion of food with locals and visitors alike. I have been a personal chef now since 2016 and am loving every minute of it : )

I’m excited for the opportunity to cook and create with you.