A day in the life

I decided to write a somewhat in-depth article about what to expect when you hire a personal chef to cook a meal for you. I can’t say that this is how all chefs operate, but this is how I do it.

The night before I pull out my recipes and make a shopping list and get all the kitchen equipment together that I will bring to my client’s residence the next day.
A few hours before I arrive I load up my car and go to the grocery store. I get an idea of the client’s preferences, whether organic foods are important to them, but I make sure I always get the freshest food. The quality of the ingredients impacts the quality and flavor and texture of the meal. Because of that I might even make last minute ingredient changes such as the fish of the day just based on freshness.

In Breckenridge there is a bag fee to promote reusable bags, so I pack up my bagged groceries and head to the house.

I arrive and usually clients are there with happy faces : ) I unload the car, put on my apron and start unpacking all the fresh ingredients that I’ll use for the meal. Sometimes my clients will hang around, glasses of wine in hand, and watch me prepare the food. Other ones will relax and enjoy time with their family and friends knowing that dinner is taken care of, no one has to worry about whats for dinner or how long will they wait for a table in busy downtown. I am all for going out an experiencing the night life, but it has been wonderful watching everyone have a stress-free night in a snow chalet with food on their table prepared just for them.

So I get chopping, searing, boiling, and mixing. I have to time everything just right in order to have a soup or salad, multiple entrees, and a decadent dessert come out in a timely manner. My clients have been thoughtful and helped me by setting the table while I put the final touches on the entrees and side dishes and making sure the flavor will be the perfect mix of warm and comfortable and something special.

Sometimes my dishes are tinged with some entertainment value. One night I was in a beautiful open kitchen where the “kids table” was the counter overlooking the stove. I
flambeed some tequila shrimp and the pan was ablaze. The kids had front row seats and had never seen anything like that in person. In addition to creating great food I get to be a part of some great memories.

While everyone is chowing down and having polite and most of the times very humorous conversation I clean up my pots and pans and start loading the dishes with plates I’ve gathered from the table. I’ll get dessert ready to serve and wipe down the counters and stove as well. My job is almost complete.

After dessert is served with lots of yums and smiles I package or toss out any leftovers. I collect payment from very generous clients and I leave hoping to see them again soon. 🙂