Flexibility is key for us!

Since we don’t want to lock you into a rigid meal package we find it best to use an hourly pricing setup. Essentially you can plan for your dinner to come to an average of $85-95 per person (including gratuity) on groups of 8 or more people. (brunch and lunch tend to be a little less). Smaller group sizes than 8 tend to have a higher average with groups of 4 coming to around $125 per person and then a little higher for anything less than that. Also make sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to view our billing information.


labor + groceries + gratuity (20%) = Total bill 

Here is a sample dinner calculation for 8 people and a bill example as well.


Because we range from casual dinners to weddings we have a few offerings based on the experience you would like to have. At the bottom of my current menu page, you’ll find suggested meal guidelines that will also give you an idea of different dinner setups. 

Current Labor rates based on your group size:

One Chef (Our Most Common)

1-4 persons: $58/hr

5-8 persons: $68/hr

9-12 persons: $88/hr 

13-16 persons: $98/hr (buffet)

17-20 persons: $108/hr (buffet)

21-24 persons: $128/hr (buffet)

Chef + server combo:

Your server will arrive 15-30 minutes before appetizers to set the table, serve, and help the chef with cleanup. Our server rate is $27.50/hr

9-12 persons: $115.50 ($88/hr + $27.50)

13-16 persons: $125.50 ($98/hr + $27.50)

17-20 persons: $135.50 ($108/hr + $27.50)

21-24 persons: $145.50 ($118/hr + $27.50)

25-28 persons: $155.50 ($128/hr + $27.50)

29-28 persons: $165.50 ($138/hr + $27.50)

Two Chefs:

This is most common with groups over 30 people or groups that may have more labor intensive menus. The chefs will arrive together and stay for the entire process. Our additional chef rate is $37.50/hr

21-24 persons: $155.50/hr

25-28 pp: $165.50/hr

29-32 pp: $175.50/hr

33-36 pp: $185.50/hr

37-40 pp $195.50/hr

Chef + 2 server combo :

This is most common for groups that would like a designated bartender. Your chef will be the first to arrive, and then 2 servers usually arrive 30 minutes before the appetizers to set up the bar and tables. You can have your bartender stay until a designated time. We charge the specified rates with a 30% gratuity.  (Most groups have their own alcohol but we can provide upon request)


Kiddos/Kids food: We count them as a person in the headcount if we are feeding them, unless it’s babies eating off Mom and Dad’s plate : ) Our kids food is made from scratch including the pizza dough which we can make interactive and let them assemble their own personal pizzas. We don’t require you to have us feed your kids, and we will not be offended if you pop a tray of dino nuggies in the oven.


Deposit: I take an upfront deposit for the date. It is non-refundable and is deducted from your bill. For regular dinners it is $75 per day, and for weddings it is $100. I send an invoice request through Square so your payment is secure.

Credit card authorization form: I attach this with your booking email and most people fill it out and email it back. I save it to my computer and delete the email that you attached the form to. You can always call me with your info, just text me first so I can be available 🙂 If I don’t receive your form by your dinner date, no worries,  the chef will have a paper copy handy for you to fill out. You are not required to use this card for payment, as noted in the next section.

Payment terms: I will send an email bill after the meal so that we have the actual grocery bill and labor hours in hand. Once I send the invoice, payment is due within 3 days. using one of our accepted payment methods.. I know that some people are traveling so I give a little leeway : ) After the 3 days, if payment is not yet made, we will just charge the card we have on file out of convenience.

We accept all major credit cards (3.5% processing added), venmo and cash app, check, and the green stuff (the paper version!)