My goal, in addition to cooking scratch made meals, handpicked from my menu, is to be as flexible as possible to create a fantastic experience customized for your group. I brainstorm to create unique seasonal dishes for each menu and hey, if you feel like having 5 different appetizers for dinner instead of a 4-course meal, let’s do it! That’s why I decided that doing an hourly labor based on number of people in your party (below) then adding groceries and some gratuity of your choosing at the end of the meal would be the simplest way to do my pricing : ) For groups larger than 12 adults, a server is automatically included in the pricing.

What the service includes: Shopping, prep/cooking all in-house, serving, cleanup!

Hourly rate per group size:

Meal Service Pricing

1-4 pp: $58/hr 

5-8 pp: $68/hr 

9-12 pp: $88/hr 

Groups below include serving help

13-16 pp: $125.50/hr

17-20 pp: $135.50/hr  

21-24 pp: $145.50/hr 

25-28 pp: $155.50/hr 

29-32 pp: $165.50/hr 

Pricing generally works out to be about $70-85 per person including a 20% gratuity, depending on group size and menu. I typically can do larger groups up to around 30 people max with a simplified and delicious menu! As for labor- I will generally round up or down to the nearest hour/half hour.

Kids: I can make a separate – usually from scratch meal, for the kiddos. For the headcount they are counted as a person if they are eating. It evens out since the kids meals are typically more simple and take less time than the adult meals 🙂

How to pay: I always take an up front deposit so that we are both confirmed for the date of your choosing : ) The remainder is collected in person after the meal service, unless multiple meals are scheduled, in that case I collect after the last meal.

In person I accept all major credit cards, venmo and cash app, check, and the green stuff (the paper version!)