Previous menus

Winter 2018/2019

GF- gluten free upon request

VEG- Vegetarian, V- Vegan avail.

PESC- Pescatarian


Cast iron simmered meatballs in marinara, ricotta, dipping baguette GF

Hummus duo of toasted almond and roasted tomato basil with crackers and crudite GF, V

Cambodian style coconut marinated shrimp lettuce wraps, shredded carrot and bok choy GF, Pesc

Game-day trio with elk chili potato skins, tequila lime wings, and loaded guacamole baked tater tots GF

Chef’s favorite selection of specialty meats and non-stinky cheeses and crackers GF,


Winter house with shaved beets, parsnip, clementine, and herb dijon vinaigrette V, GF

Spinach and local goat cheese with pumpkin and sunflower seed nougat, creamy balsamic Veg, GF

House BLT wedge with applewood smoked bacon, buttered crouton, and fresh lemon ranch GF

Bacon, cauliflower, fennel cream soup GF

Aromatic chicken, ginger, clove dumpling soup

Warm-spiced veggie stew, handmade Moroccan bread, V, Veg



Spicy veggie cajun boil, trinity wild rice V, Veg

Sweet potato sabzi, basmati rice, fresh mint and watercress salad V

Cast iron butternut squash with spiced chickpea, and shawarma sauce


Wild salmon carbonara, handmade fettuccine, spinach in vinaigrette Pesc

Lobster thermidor with charred asparagus, crispy rosti potato GF, Pesc

Herb marinated halibut in butter sauce, barley and mushroom stew, crisp greens GF, Pesc

Sesame crusted scallops, rosewater beurre blanc, jasmine tea rice cake GF, Pesc


NY strip, poutine oven potatoes, caramelized brussels sprouts

Tenderloin, savory funnel cake, caramelized onion and garlic sauce, sauteed greens

Bison sirloin, chorizo manchego aranchini , charred jalapeno creme GF


Hasselback chicken Florentine, capellini, spinach parmesan crisps, jous GF

Buttermilk fried chicken, andouille mac and cheese, braised green beans, picadilly relish GF


Star anise creme brulee GF

Thai coffee french toast GF

Grandma’s gingerbread cake and whipped cream

Spiced apple crumbles with cinnamon “icebox” cream

S’mores molten lava cake

Summer 2018

GF- gluten free available

VEG- Vegetarian, V- Vegan avail.

PESC- Pescatarian


Paprika cheese fonduta with roasted potato VEG, GF

Beer battered asparagus with spicy thai aioli VEG

Fresh herb hummus, sesame edamame hummus V, VEG, GF

Nachos, ground elk, ‘dilla cheese, pico, poblano cream GF

Sriracha deviled eggs VEG, GF

Ceviche of halibut, watermelon, red onion, cucumber PESC, GF


Falafel salad with cucumber/tomato,pickled red onion, tahini mint dressing VEG

Peach salad with spinach, green onion, colorado goat cheese,  peach/pecan vinaigrette V, VEG, GF

House wedge with harissa ranch VEG, GF

Grilled summer corn and potato chowder VEG

French mussel bisque with turmeric PESC, GF

Apple, carrot, sweet potato puree  V, VEG, GF



Pea and cauliflower, curry yellow cream, pot pie crust V, VEG

Portuguese style Piri Piri seared tofu, black bean puree, jicama carrot crunchy salad V, VEG, GF

Zucchini rollatini, tomato pesto sauce, housemade foccacia VEG

**I can also make mose entrees veg by swapping out meat for tofu or cauliflower prepared the same way.


Buttermilk fried cod, housemade tartar, sauce rosemary fries, salt and vinegar brussels slaw

Grilled trout, fennel risotto, summer salad with brown butter vinaigrette GF

Jalapeno apricot salmon, charred asparagus, cilantro gremoulata cous cous


Ribeye with torched compound butter, garlic breaded brussels sprouts, creamy mashed potato GF

Bison with caramelized leek hollandaise, beet gnocchi, bitter greens

Mango habanero pork ribs, fried green tomatillos, jicama-cilantro-carrot slaw GF

T-bone lamb chops, parsnip latkes, arugula and shaved onion salad, horseradish dill cream


Squash stuffed chicken breast with bacon parsley spaetzle, haricot verts, walnut bechamel

Chicken tamarillo open-faced enchiladas with beer mole, spanish rice and beans, and cilantro lime crema GF


Fresh mango mousse GF

French toast batter creme brulee GF

Strawberry vodka milkshake with sprinkles GF, Vegan per request

S’mores molten lava cake and ice cream

Winter 2018

GF- gluten free available

VEG- Vegetarian

PESC- Pescatarian


Chef’s selection of specialty cheeses with crackers GF, VEG

Nashville battered scallops, remoulade coleslaw PESC

Lobster nachos, pico, ‘dilla cheese, jalapeno cream GF, PESC

Hummus Trio- “Beer Pairing” – Bacon – Jalepeno, cumin, boiled peanut – IPA , served with crudites

Caprese stuffed portobello mushrooms with balsamic glaze GF, VEG

Salad and soup

Beet salad with pecans, local goat cheese, rosemary vinaigrette VEG, GF

Warm pear, Gorgonzola, and dried cranberry with arugula and caramelized onion vinaigrette VEG, GF

Wedge salad with cherry tomato, english cucumber, parmesan “snowflake” and caraway honey mustard dressing VEG, GF

Carrot, apple, and sweet potato puree GF,VEG

Chipotle chicken and corn chowder GF

Elk chili with cheddar and sour cream GF



Portabello katsu with sticky rice and Hawaiian slaw

Roasted cauliflower and penne a la vodka, garlic charred romaine “toast points”

Vegetable paella and spaghetti squash fritters GF


Lemon butter basted trout, tarragon risotto, Swiss chard GF

Scotch whiskey salmon, seared colcannon potato cakes , asparagus GF


Tenderloin au poivre, turnip puree, charred asparagus GF

Harissa Bison, artichoke hummus, roasted heirloom carrots, handmade flat bread GF

Short ribs in red wine sauce, parmesan polenta, pancetta garlic and arugula saute GF  – not currently available

Asian sticky ribs, shishito ginger fried rice, charred bok choy GF

Cast iron seared lamb chops, quinoa and feta filled filo pockets, lemon caper tzatziki

Southwestern rubbed flank steak. green chili mac and cheese, bacon cornbread


Red chicken adobo, charred bok choy, fried rice, citrus salad GF

Portuguese roasted chicken, cauliflower quinoa tabouleh, roasted carrots GF

Holiday chicken dinner with stuffing, mashed potato & gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce

Old Faithfuls

Cast iron seared chicken, haricot verts, pumpkin risotto with goat cheese &

dried cranberries GF

Pecan crusted white fish with grapefruit beurre blanc, haricot verts, pearl cous cous

Feta and herb toasted salmon with cucumber tomato lemon quinoa GF

Cowboy coffee Rubbed Rib Eye with Chocolate Stout Pan Sauce, smashed red potato, carrots

Bison with blueberry compote, savory leek bread pudding, and sauteed bitter greens

Seared NY strip, sauteed asparagus, lobster mac and cheese


Earl grey french toast with salted butter and chantilly creme

Bourbon spiked hot cocoa with toasted marshmallows GF

Churros with Bailey’s Irish cream cream

Cast iron caramel apple clafoutis**

S’mores molten lava cakes**

Butter toasted spiced pumpkin bread**

**served a la mode


GF- gluten free available

VEG- Vegetarian

PESC- Pescatarian


Hummus trio: Carmelized onion, traditional tahini hummus, red curry coconut & crudites GF, VEG

Scallops with grapefruit beurre blanc with charred asparagus GF, PESC

Chinese “salt and pepper” pork tacos with sambal lime aioli GF upon request

Cast iron fontina melt with baguette and apples VEG, GF upon request

Greek onion fritters with tzatziki sauce VEG

Salad and soup

Beet salad with pecans, local goat cheese, rosemary vinaigrette VEG, GF

Cucumber, mint, feta, and arugula salad with watermelon honey vinaigrette VEG, GF

Grilled romaine with fresh corn, cotija cheese and cilantro chili ranch VEG, GF

Ragout with chicken sausage, kale, white bean, roasted lemon, charred baguette GF upon request, DF

Broccoli cheddar soup with white truffle oil, VEG

Parsnip celery cream soup GF VEG



Pelau (trinidad) stuffed red peppers and quinoa salad GF,DF

Chana masala with steamed rice and naan GF upon request

Cauliflower al pastor tacos with rice, and beans GF

Kale and brussels enchiladas with mole sauce, plantain rice and cilantro beans GF


Halibut with seared quinoa cake, parsnip slaw, cashew pea sauce DF

Whitefish with wilted spinach, pearl cous cous, and orange fennel vinaigrette DF

Salmon with tarragon hollandaise, asparagus, roasted red potatoes GF


Cervesa marinated flank steak with Green chili and manchego risotto, and salad garnish with cumin vinaigrette GF upon req.

Beef tenderloin with truffle mac and cheese, and asparagus confit

Lamb chop, pickled onion, handmade finger noodles with brown mushroom gravy DF

“Grill out” dinner with bratwurst, elk and bison burgers with sides and fixin’s GF, DF

NY strip with spicy shrimp etouffee sauce, potato puree and grilled green onion DF


Grilled chicken and summer vegetables with Afrikan Maafe sauce, basmati rice, GF

Sweet wine and caper 6-hr braised chicken, smashed parmesan potatoes, lemon baked carrots  GF – not currently available

Herb chicken and jus with pesto spaetzel and carmelized brussels sprouts


Crispy chili crab stuffed pork chops with mango salad, cilantro rice GF

Corn bread & bacon stuffed pork chops, collard greens, sweet potato hash DF


Artisan strawberry shortcake

S’mores molten lava cake with icecream

Peach and white chocolate mousse with sweet tart dough cookie GF upon request

Chocolate espresso fondue with dippin’s GF upon request

Rosewater creme brulee with candied pine nuts GF


GF- gluten free available

VEG- Vegetarian


  • Indian Style peas and cauliflower with yellow pepper cream sauce, naan triangles VEG
  • Warm wild mushroom and asparagus saute GF, VEG
  • Pork belly with scallion pancakes w/ hoison chili glaze, carrot jicama slaw
  • Mussels andouille sausage, lager, mustard, caramelized onion, cream, sourdough
  • Hummus trio of chipotle lime, radish-fennel, chimichurri, with crudites and lightly toasted baguette GF, VEG

Soups and Salads

  • Raddichio salad with orange vinaigrette and Manchego cheese GF, VEG
  • Winter vegetable salad with dijion vinaigrette GF, VEG
  • House Salad w/ sweet tomato vinaigrette GF, VEG
  • Quinoa salad, bacon , queso fresco GF
  • Beet salad, baby greens, candied walnuts, goat cheese GF


  • Classic butternut squash soup GF, VEG
  • Sage rubbed Chicken & dumplings soup
  • Ham Ribolitta, fennel, cannellinni beans, kale GF
  • Fish chowder, chorizo, potatoes


  • Cauliflower steaks with yellow adobo, cilantro rice, black bean puree, carrot and radicchio slaw GF, VEG
  • Hand made sweet potato ravioli, tomato sauce, sauteed brussels leaves VEG
  • Fresh made pappardelle, asparagus, parmesan, fingerling confit, garlic shrimp, fresh greens
  • Lamb chop with mint and cumin, cauliflower puree,arugula and pine nut salad with pickled red onion GF
  • Cast iron seared chicken, haricot verts, pumpkin risotto with goat cheese &

dried cranberries GF

  • Gochujang braised chicken, bok choy and snap pea stir fry, and crispy jasmine rice – not currently available
  • Scallops with a bourbon butter sauce, wilted greens and spaghetti squash fitters GF
  • Trout with poblano caper salsa, sofrito rice, and crispy avocado GF
  • Pecan crusted white fish with grapefruit beurre blanc, haricot verts, pearl cous cous
  • Feta and herb toasted salmon with cucumber tomato lemon quinoa GF
  • Asian style five-spice braised beef, wasabi mashed potato, chili fried onion rings – not currently available
  • Pork Chop with bacon braised country greens and twice-roasted sweet potatoes with hot honey GF
  • Pork roulade with chermoula and jus with farro and roasted mushrooms and apple arugula slaw GF
  • Hanger Steak with a rosemary horseradish potato cake, roasted brussels and turnip, balsamic glazed

shallots GF

  • Cowboy coffee Rubbed Rib Eye with Chocolate Stout Pan Sauce, smashed red potato, carrots GF
  • Bison with blueberry compote, savory leek bread pudding, and sauteed bitter greens


  • Blueberry white chocolate mousse with tart dough cookies GF, VEG
  • Pumpkin creme brulee GF, VEG
  • Spiced Baked Apples with icecream GF, VEG
  • Caramel rice pudding GF, VEG
  • Mexican chocolate pot de creme GF, VEG

Spring/Summer Menu 2016


  • Spinach salad with mango • onion • queso fresco • bacon vinagrette
  • Grilled asparagus • caper vinaigrette
  • Beet salad • baby greens • walnuts • beets • goat cheese
  • Radishes • brown butter • lemon
  • Spring vegetable • quinoa salad • bacon
  • Warm wild mushroom • asparagus saute
  • Roasted baby beets • blood orange • bleu cheese • arugula
  • Spring greens • onion • toasted almond • pomegranate vinaigrette
  • Spinach • strawberry • pecans • cucumber • raspberry balsamic dressing


  • Farfalle with fava beans • wild mushrooms and marscapone • arugula/red onion side salad VEG
  • Moroccan braised lamb • spiced carrots • cous cous – not currently available
  • Chinese 5 spice pork tenderloin • sauteed onion and carrot • crispy jasmine rice GF
  • Fresh made papparadelle • lemon • baby artichoke • asparagus VEG
  • Sliced grilled flank steak with feta • ricotta gnoocchi • leeks • fava beans
  • Poached salmon • artichoke confit • creamy polenta PESC, GF
  • Duck breast • mustard greens • radish • turnip potato puree GF, DF
  • Skillet roasted chicken • acorn squash • lentils • herb pistou GF, DF
  • Herb chicken • campanelle pasta • roasted cauliflower • mustard brown butter
  • Churrasco steak • chimichurri • grated carrot slaw • masa cake GF, DF
  • Seared scallops • coconut ginger lime sauteed kale • rice noodles GF, PESC, DF
  • Seared NY strip • sauteed asparagus • lobster mac and cheese
  • Beef tenderloin • peppercorn cream sauce • sauteed brussels sprouts • duchess potatoes GF
  • Pan seared trout • farro • roasted fennel • toasted almonds PESC, DF
  • BBQ shrimp • kale coleslaw • hush puppie pancakes GF, PESC
  • Cuban style grilled chicken in adobo • mango pineapple salsa • saffron rice GF, DF


  • Strawberry tart with quinoa almond crust
  • Lemon ricotta dessert pancakes
  • Rum grilled pineapple with icecream and toasted coconut GF
  • Chocolate avocado mousse with tuile cookies GF (upon request)
  • Strawberry blueberry yogurt pops
  • Bruleed raspberry with icecream
  • Grilled apricot and rosemary skewers with fruit sorbet GF, DF

Winter 2015-16


  • Mushroom asparagus dinner quiche , mixed green salad • red wine vinegar VEG
  • Black bean, cheese, green chile enchiladas • ranchero sauce • Spanish rice VEG GF
  • Eggplant • mushroom • zucchini lasagna VEG, GF
  • Fresh made paparadelle pasta • mushroom • shallot • parmesan reggiano cheese
  • Vegetable korma • basmati rice • naan bread VEG, GF (no bread), DF
  • Chickpea “meatloaf” VEG
  • Teriyaki tofu stir fry • Baby bok choy • brown rice VEG, GF, DF
  • Roasted red pepper chickpea and spinach curry • basmati rice • naan bread VEG, GF (no bread), DF


  • Parmesan baked whitefish • garlic wilted spinach • sauteed capellini pasta lemon PESC
  • Pan-seared trout • sauteed asparagus • risotto with champagne and radicchio GF
  • Seared scallops • coconut ginger lime sauteed kale • rice noodles GF, Pesc, DF
  • Crab stuffed poblanos • maque choux • jalapeno cornmeal pancake Pesc
  • Feta and herb crusted salmon • cucumber tomato lemon cous cous Pesc
  • Balsamic glazed salmon • hasselback potatoes • carmelized shallot and brussels spouts VEG, Pesc, DF
  • Seared salmon with fresh lemon • broiled asparagus • Roasted red potatoes • shallot tarragon hollandaise GF, Pesc
  • Trout Meunière • butternut squash risotto • haricot verts Pesc
  • Tequila shrimp tacos • corn tortilla • cilantro lime cream • corn salad • spanish quinoa GF, Pesc, DF


  • Chicken enchiladas • Red chile sauce • chopped salad • honey lime dressing GF, DF
  • Cajun-style tomato alfredo pasta • blackened chicken spicy
  • Rosemary roasted chicken • white bean sausage ragout with kale and zuchinni GF, DF
  • Jamaican spiced chicken thighs • seasonal Caribbean salsa • rice and peas • GF, DF


  • Churrasco steak • chimichurri • grated carrot slaw • masa cake GF, DF
  • Ponzu glazed flank steak • sauteed sweet onion and red pepper • long grain white rice GF, DF
  • Beef carnitas fresco style tacos • flour tortilla • spanish rice • charro beans DF
  • Seared NY strip • sauteed asparagus • lobster mac and cheese
  • Beef Tenderloin• peppercorn cream sauce • sauteed brussels sprouts • duchess

potatoes GF

  • Chicken fried steak • southern greens • mashed potatoes • white gravy
  • Cajun shepards pie with lentils and sweet potato VEG, GF
  • Braised lamb shank • horseradish gremolata • creamy polenta • arugula and shaved onion salad GF – not currently available


  • Sage pork chop • balsamic parmesan oven fries • warm apple cabbage slaw GF
  • Pork chop • southern greens • red potatoes • mustard sauce GF, DF