Feel free to choose from older menus , and as always, special requests are welcome 🙂 . Most dishes can be modified for allergies/dietary restrictions. Not sure where to start? There is an ordering guide at the bottom of this page, and I am happy to help with suggestions too!


I have partnered up with Carboy Winery in Breckenridge and am excited to offer local wine pairings to the menu! Please let me know if you are interested. A full wine tasting experience is available as well. 


Summer 2020


GF- gluten free upon request

VEG- Vegetarian, V- Vegan avail.

PESC- Pescatarian



Chef’s favorite meats, cheese, and seasonal fruit and crackers GF

Nachos, ground elk, ‘dilla cheese, pico, poblano cream GF

Toasted avocado wedges  with baja sauce Veg, V, GF

Lobster bruschetta with herbed creme fraiche and caramelized leeks PESC

Hummus duo of tarragon roasted carrot and smoky tahini with crudites V, VEG, GF



Summer salad with apricot, almond, blackberries, and greens in a peach ginger vinaigrette GF, VEG, V

Duck breast, mango, pickled onion, and jicama, and honey chili lime vinaigrette GF

Grilled romaine, bacon, pickled tomatoes, caramelized onion ranch GF


Garden herb zucchini soup with lemon butter croutons V, VEG

Spicy grilled corn gazpacho with charred anaheim pico de gallo V, VEG, GF

Halibut stew with thyme, tomato, white wine, shallots  PESC, GF




Cauliflower piccata with sauteed cherry tomato, spinach, and cappellini VEG, V

Fried tofu in a green chili crust, queso fresco masa cake with jicama slaw and sweet chipotle lime drizzle VEG, 



Blackened trout with Alabama white sauce, dirty rice, and kale slaw GF, PESC

Salmon over sour cream and onion biscuits, marinated asparagus and lemon dill hollandaise sauce  PESC

Scallops in thai chili sauce, pineapple stir-fried quinoa, sauteed bok choy GF, DF, PESC



Tenderloin, asparagus, mashed potato, caramelized onion and garlic sauce GF

Coffee rubbed lamb, rosemary sweet potato kugel, and oven roasted fennel GF

Bison sirloin with cowboy butter, sun dried tomato gnocchi, leafy greens with bleu cheese crumbles 


 Pork and poultry

Grilled chicken, herbed risotto, arugula and roasted corn salad GF

Green chili chorizo stuffed chicken with lime crema, hominy cotija cornbread, and cilantro papaya salsa GF

Pork ribs with chipotle bbq sauce, poblano potato salad, street corn elotes GF



S’mores molten lava cake*

Banana cream pie with a vanilla cookie crust

Berries and whipped cream topped with streusel 

Cafe Cubano creme brulee GF

Mexican chocolate avocado mousse V, GF, DF


*served with icecream


Hungry for more 🙂 ? Here is a link to all of my previous seasonal menus.

Helpful Menu Guidelines:

Up to 8 people:

– All dishes plated

1-2 Appetizers

Soup or salad

Entree + any vegetarian option as needed


8-12 people

– All dishes plated

2-3 Appetizers

Soup or Salad

Entree + any vegetarian option as needed


13 – 19 people

–  Combination of plated salads/desserts and buffet style mains

2-3 Appetizers

Soup or Salad

1- 2 Entrees (and vegetarian protein when requested)

1 dessert (or 2 desserts with 2 appetizers instead of 3)

20 +

– buffet style with plated desserts

2-3 appetizers

Soup or Salad

2 Meats with accommodating sauce (and vegetarian protein when requested)

3 Sides

1 dessert (or 2 desserts with 2 appetizers instead of 3)