Q & A

What does a personal chef do?

Personal chef duties can vary from person to person. My duties include using professional tools to create quality meals in your private kitchen. With every service I shop for groceries while  picking the freshest produce and proteins to use for your meals. As a trained and experienced chef, if you see a service that is not included on this website, let me know so I can accommodate.

Where is the food prepared?

To stay within health codes I prepare food right in your kitchen, but doing so also ensures I can give you the freshest product possible. Any size kitchen will work as long as you have a functioning stove and space in the fridge.

What if the house doesn’t have a lot of cookware?

I bring along whatever cookware and tools I think I will need. Some houses have less plates/pans than others but I’ve always made it work.

Where does my food come from?

I will pick out the freshest produce and meats from the local grocery store. If you prefer organic foods, we have some great natural stores I’d be happy to shop at.

What is included in a weekly service?

Everything you need to come home and easily heat up a restaurant quality meal. You tell me what you love and don’t love and I’ll create a menu for you. Then we’ll schedule a cooking date and I will do the grocery shopping, meal prep, clean up, meal portioning, and labeling/reheating instructions.

Do I have to be home to use this service ?

Whatever is best for you. It generally will take me between 2-5 hours depending on how many meals I’m cooking. If you are unable to be there, which is not unusual, we can make arrangements for how I can enter your kitchen.

What are the benefits of choosing to have a weekly service?

  • One of the best parts of choosing this service is that you eliminate having a kitchen filled with products you don’t need. Sometimes people buy food with the intention of cooking but never get around to it and that food goes to waste.
  • You can eliminate having to do the dishes with disposable containers.
  • If you are visiting the mountains it can be better to have meals pre-prepared for you instead of eating out every night or having leftover food that you are unable to lug back with you. Have a delicious meal instead of eating condensed soup from the supermarket!

How does payment work?

I just ask for the anticipated cost of food to book the date, then the rest is collected the day of service.

The deposit is non-refundable, but I know life is unexpected! If booking does not result in loss of business, I can re-book an existing reservation to another available date for a $30 fee.

I don’t live in the listed service areas, can I use you service?

Sure, my current service area includes Breckenridge, Keystone, Frisco, Dillon, and Silverthorne. If you happen to be up to 20 miles outside this area I should be able to accommodate, and will just need to tack on a small fee to cover travel expenses.

What is the difference between a private chef and a personal chef?

A private chef works for one client or family while a personal chef works for many. This makes a personal chef accessible to anyone that requires or wants personalized food preparation services.

What about the booze?

Having a personal chef definitely saves you money in that department because there is no crazy up charge like you’d find going out. You provide your own alcohol or if you tell me in advance, I’ll grab your preferred beverages while shopping.