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An easier way to get to my website!

I got a hold of a few more URLs. I know the Happy Cuisiniere is a cute name, but I realize it can be hard to type in and remember! From now on here are two simplified versions that will take you to my website!

How do I make my menus? Links to favorite food sites.

I love seasonal menus. It just doesn’t feel right to make summer food in the winter. In the winter we need cozy, in the summer we need cool and fresh- that’s how I believe food should be. When I’m making a new menu, I take ideas from 3 main areas: I look and see what my favorite restaurants are putting on their menus, I take a few of my previous menu dishes and update them, and I check out my favorite websites for recipes. I usually don’t take the recipes word for word but I look at the ingredients and I play around with things but they are always a good starting point : ). Here’s a list of my website go-to’s (in no particular order): – I fatten these recipes up


Enjoy ! : )


What is my favorite thing/dish to cook?


These pancakes aren’t from a box!

This is probably the most asked question I get as a personal chef, and I usually end up giving a not so great answer. This is probably due to the fact I’m not really picky about what I am making. I think after working on the line in a restaurant making the same 8 or so dishes all day every day, I’m pretty happy with whatever I am making because now I can make a variety of things. That’s not to say I didn’t like making the same things- I actually did enjoy the repetition because I knew how to make the dishes perfect with my eyes closed. As chefs, we rely on muscle memory a lot, that’s how we are able to absorb everything that is given to us verbally for orders, so our mind focuses on remembering what we need to make and our arms just take care of the work. Funny stuff.

Anyhow, I think I tend to give a different answer every time someones asks me what I like to cook because saying “I like to cook everything” doesn’t seem to be the answer people look for : ) One time when I asked the asker what she liked to cook, she said “new things.” Very good answer, but new things can be scary as well especially if you aren’t the only one eating it. I’d say I like cooking new things but by using techniques I am already used to- that kind of gives me comfort knowing that I can make it and it will turn out right because I’ve somehow done a version of it before. When I cook though, it must must be from scratch. I will never take a salad dressing, sauce, or salsa from a bottle! There’s just something about fresh flavors that make it unique, and you feel better about eating it. Plus, I know most of my clients watch me cook, or at least pop in and out of the kitchen, and they enjoy seeing the whole process from start to finish. Its magic.