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Never know what I’ll get myself into

While working on the line in restaurants was exciting and challenging, being a personal chef in Breckenridge has taken exciting to another level. While I could goof off with the guys, I never got to actually interact with customers being behind the scenes, and that is one of the reasons to become a personal chef- I get to see and meet the people I am feeding! It is so fun number one to see all the amazing houses and kitchens I get to cook in, these are some fancy places. But really, getting to observe how everyone interacts with each other and sometimes getting to be in the middle of all the action is a real treat! Since leaving my morning job, I haven’t needed to worry about my schedule as much and I have time for some extra opportunities that come up when cooking. This happened when I was cooking for Michelle and a group of long term friends. I was in the kitchen getting all the groceries unpacked when she told me BTW I’m actually cooking for a murder mystery dinner. How fun! Because they were short a few people I even got to play a part. So far this summer I’ve had the amazing opportunity to see two different couples exchange vows while I watch from the kitchen. Now my tally is officially at two weddings and a murder mystery wedding! Ha! Excited to see what else is in store this year : )


Leftovers revamped

Not too long ago I cooked for an awesome group of guys from Philly – about 20 or them that have known each other for decades. Not many groups of friends can pull that off but they came together in Breck for a bachelor’s party weekend. My job was to come in and prep , because the geniuses they are, they wanted to be the grillmasters and enjoy the amazing views on the house’s deck. First night was a brats and burger night, with bison, elk, and regular beef patties, then they had a fajita night the second complete with elotes and all the fixins. But another reason I wanted to highlight them is they made me jealous with the monster nachos they constructed with the leftovers. YUM

monsternachos fajitas

Cooking for the experts

Cooking for a fellow expert can be a little nerve wrecking sometimes but in most cases I’m happy to be in the company of someone that can talk the kitchen talk. A few months ago I had the opportunity to do so when Kevin and his wife, the owners of Amelia farm in Beaumont TX allowed me to cook for them in their spacious Breckenridge home. Crazy enough, he has recently hired someone I used to work with at Haven in Houston , Allen Duhon. Small world and very talented people! Here are a few pictures of us and our appreciation for great food in its purest form. He also sent me home with some amazing bacon from his farm


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